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Villa Olive Garden

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5 star
4 nights

Are you are looking for a place to rest? You’ve just found it here – Olive Garden villa is set on a private estate near to the sea. Here, a bird concerto will lullaby you to sleep, a nightingale bel canto will wake you in the morning; you will learn the difference between the call of little owl and the whistle of blackbird; if you take a short mountain trek you will see eagles nesting up in the mountain peaks.

The azure of the Kaštela Bay will enter your room and rest on your eyes as soon as you open them in the morning while still in bed. And when you come out of the house, you will step on the green grass of the lawn and garden and pick your favorite fruit or vegetable.

You can take a walk in the shade of 400 olive, almond and oak trees. You morning aperitif – grape brandy, herb-flavoured brandy, walnut brandy, plum-brandy or a premium wine which you can take by yourself from the wine cellar, enjoy it under your pine tree and listen to a goldfinch singing from above …

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Villa Olive Garden Trogir, Croatia

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